Funding Preferences

The Foundation will fund projects or programs in the following areas:

The Foundation will also consider grants for the following:

The Foundation wishes to be dynamic and capable of responding to the changing needs of society. We may consider projects that are not included in these categories but are of special interest to members of the board.

Types of Projects We Fund
Our preference is to always focus on alleviating the root cause of a problem—working toward lasting and systemic change. However, we realize that by being a small foundation, perhaps the best we can do is to treat the symptoms. The Foundation will give preference to unconventional and innovative projects that may not receive funding from more traditional funding sources. Collaborative efforts between organizations, where appropriate, are encouraged.

Types of Requests Not Eligible for Funding
The Foundation will not consider grants for colleges and universities, travel, scholarships, new construction, audio-visual productions, or endowments; nor will we consider grants to religious organizations for religious purposes, grants in the medical field, or grants to individuals. The Foundation tends not to fund CSA projects or provide grants for direct services.

Size of Grants
Grants range from $5,000 to $25,000, and the average is $10,000.

The Foundation funds US-based organizations doing national and international work. Preference is given to organizations working in Vermont and other New England states.

Term of Grants
Grants will be made for one year. Multi-year grant applications may be considered.

Discrimination Policy
The Foundation does not discriminate, nor will it support organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, political affiliation, and/or religious beliefs.